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NATIONAL Governance Resource Library

Guides, templates and tools for NSOs and SSOs

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is focused on improving the capability of sporting organisations to create an effective and sustainable national sport sector.

The Sports Governance Principles and Standards provide the framework for effective governance and this library provides access to free resources sporting organisations can use to help implement good governance practices.

The suite of consistent resources was co-designed by the ASC, state and territory agencies for sport and recreation and national sporting organisations to ensure they are fit for purpose and reflect best practice in sport.

The governance resource library for sport organisations is a collaborative project in the pursuit of sports governance excellence.

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Sport Governance

Foundation guides which provide the framework for effective governance.

Board Foundations

Resources to support board and committee structure.

Board Functions

Tools for planning and executing core board functions.

Board Induction

Resources to support the induction of directors.

Board Responsibilities

Resources to support board and organisational performance.

Board Subcommittees

Templates to support effective subcommittees.

Director Education

Governance courses for directors and committee members.

Director Recruitment

Guides and templates to support the director recruitment process.

Strategic Planning

Guides and templates to support the development of strategic plans.

Case Studies

Tools and examples to support governance reporting at AGMs

Governance Reporting

Tools and examples to support governance reporting at AGMs.


Gain skills, knowledge and techniques to actively contribute to the success of your sporting organisation.
Courses are free and designed to support new and existing directors at all levels of sport.
Enrol now and access 'The start line', 'The spirit of the game', and 'The defence'.


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