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Performance health aims to provide Australian athletes a competitive advantage through optimised health, support provided by a world class system underpinned by world leading research, innovation and models of care.

Athlete performance health encompasses the broad domains of health and is defined as a state of optimal physical, mental, and social wellbeing related to an athlete’s sporting success, and not merely the absence of illness or injury that limits participation.

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Health and Performance

Achieving peak performance at the right time can be complex and relies on many factors.

Injury and Illness Prevention

Injury and illness are a known detractors for performance, but many cases can be avoided.

Injury Reporting and Surveillance

Information for clinicians who are required to enter data and maintain accurate records.

Aligning Prevention Strategies to the Natural History of Disease

Understanding how disease progresses is essential to understand prior to determining or applying any intervention to interrupt this patterning.

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For more information contact Paolo Menaspà, Chief Science Officer, Performance Science:

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