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National 3D motion capture best practice resources

Welcome to the National 3D motion capture collaborative project that provides practitioners working in biomechanics across the National Institute Network (NIN) and in National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) with up-to-date, highly-replicable, standardised 3D motion capture resources.

The project will support the increasing need to share expertise and standardise protocols, to improve practice and optimise workflows.

3D motion capture documentation

The main 3D motion capture documentation complied by Logemas and UWA can assist in answering some of these considerations, specifically the “Prepare your System for Capture” section.

3D motion capture documentation

Further Resources and Reading

Where possible direct links to full-text or online resources have been provided. Where links are not available, try your institutions licenced full-text databases.


For further information please contact:

An Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), University of Western Australia (UWA) & Logemas collaborative project for the high performance sport system. Consultation across the National Biomechanics Network throughout 2020 and 2021 has led to the development of these resources.
Australian Institue of Sport
University of Western Australia
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