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The AUSSIE Sports program was launched by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) in April 1986. For the first time Australia had a nationally coordinated program of sports education and development targeting primary school age children.

The program was based upon a 'shared responsibility' approach among schools, sporting organisations, and community groups. Core concepts helped to shape the Junior Sports Frameworks of many National Sporting Organisations.


Prior to the development of the AUSSIE Sports program a 'Children in Sport Committee' was established by the ASC, chaired by Roy Masters. The Committee undertook 18 months of intensive consultation with state and territory governments, teachers, sports coaches, the Australian Council of Health Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER), and numerous National Sporting Organisations (NSOs). The Committee identified the six issues of widespread concern:

  1. low participation rates in sports activities by children;
  2. poor levels of skill development among children;
  3. a limited range of sports available to children;
  4. an adult orientation in many sports;
  5. limited opportunities for girls to participate more fully; and,
  6. a lack of quality sports coaches.

Through the AUSSIE Sports program the ASC took a leadership position in addressing the identified concerns. The ASC led a national awareness campaign, featuring AUSSIE Sports, that highlighted the many desirable aims and objectives of junior sport. The ASC also encouraged NSOs to think about how they promoted and delivered sport, particularly to children.

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