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National Sport Research Agenda



The Register of Sport Research (Register) lists planned, current and completed Australian sport research.

It provides an opportunity for those commissioning or completing research to share project details with the sector, and for the sector to search for emerging research to help expand the evidence base for sport.

Please note the Register is in BETA development. New projects and elements are still being included.


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Title Year Commenced Organisation name
Understanding volunteer motivations and concerns in coaching and officiating basketball: implications for sport policy
This research examined volunteer intentions and motivations in coaching and officiating in basketball and explored factors influencing their decision to return to COVID-safe basketball.
2020 Federation University Australia
Adult sport participation across the life course
This study forms part of a PhD program of research, and has two distinct objectives. Firstly, to determine the multi-layered factors that influence adults’ (25-64 years) decisions to engage in sport at various life stages. Secondly, to understand the role...
2023 Flinders University
Athlete Learning
In this project we will apply practice theory to understand athlete learning as a form of 'ontological transformation'. In applying this new learning theory to athlete development in sport, it is envisaged that new understandings will emerge about the social,...
2023 Griffith Institute For Educational Research
Developing Coaches
In our sport (volleyball) we are always short of coaches, and many who do coach have limited understanding of the game and/or athlete development. In this action research project we are hoping to intentionally grow the quality and quantity of...
2023 Griffith Institute For Educational Research
Understanding parental psychological abuse in youth sport
The aim of this project is to understand the perceptions and psychosocial impact of parental psychological abuse in youth sport and identify the thematic construction, maintenance, and perpetuation of psychological abuse in youth sport. This project will specifically extend my...
2023 Flinders University
Golf and Health Project
To explore and quantify the relationship between playing golf and health
2020 University of South Australia
The Secrets to Optimal Coaching Success: the role of experience, optimal performance practices and outcome in the real-world
The role of the sciences in sport, as a whole, has been disputed up until now, and its indirect proponents tied to performance optimisation. This is no more. The Secrets to Optimal Coaching Success brings forward the sciences as a...
2012 AM8 International
The Secrets to Optimal Performance Success: a comprehensive discussion on developing elite coaches and players
The coaching community is filled with an assortment of coaches, players and parents of varied experiences, levels and exposures to best practices. The Secrets to Optimal Performance Success is here to unravel the maze between the developmental player and the...
2012 AM8 International
The 7 Keys to Optimise Your Life: Using Tennis to Develop Behaviours that Deliver Optimal Performances in Play and in Life
The search for the truth in how do I optimise my life has been rerouted to use optimised performances in tennis that have been scientifically proven to produce Top 10 rankings — now transferred in its application to life. A...
2012 AM8 International
STARS: Standing Together Against Racism in Sport
Professional and community sports clubs frequently display anti-racism messaging such as 'Racism stops with me' but evidence is limited for effective, practical and scalable interventions to increase action against racism and discrimination in community sports settings. We developed an evidence-based,...
2020 The University of Melbourne

The Register is part of activating the National Sport Research Agenda, and enabling a more coordinated and aligned sport research effort for sporting organisations, academics, researchers, research funding bodies, and governments across Australia.

If you have any questions about the Register of Sport Research or adding a research project please contact the Clearinghouse team.

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