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National Sport Research Agenda



The Register of Sport Research (Register) lists planned, current and completed Australian sport research.

It provides an opportunity for those commissioning or completing research to share project details with the sector, and for the sector to search for emerging research to help expand the evidence base for sport.

Research projects included are not representative views or endorsements of the Clearinghouse’s partner agencies.

Please note the Register is in BETA development. New projects and elements are still being included.


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Title Year Commenced Organisation name
Exercise epigenetics - supporting the respiratory health of elite Australian athletes
High-level training by elite athletes can impose substantial stresses on the immune system, increasing the risk of common respiratory illness, and impact negatively on training and competition performance. The AIS/ASC with its research partners the University of Canberra (UC), and...
2021 University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise
Concussion and Brain Health Project
We are recruiting retired elite, NON-contact/collision sport athletes with NO history of concussions for a large brain health study. This is a world-leading study that has the potential to have a huge impact on future generations. This study is aiming...
2021 Australian Institute of Sport
Individual variability of non-linear VO₂ responses during incremental exercise: Insight from VO₂ max, Electromyography, and VO₂ kinetics.
The classic research of Hill and Lupton (1923) revealed a linear increase in the steady and non-steady state rate of whole-body oxygen consumption (wbVO₂) while running on a grass track at exercise intensities ranging from low to exhausting. Since this...
2021 Queensland University of Technology
National sports injury data strategy
The strategy outlines the plan to improve the understanding of sports injuries in Australia by leveraging existing data sources, building a framework to strengthen collection methods and standards, and ultimately creating a national sports injury data asset.
2021 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Headpulse Biometric Measures Following Concussion in Young Adult Athletes
To characterize temporal changes of headpulse, a digital biometric, in athletes with sports-related concussion; to explore the association of unstructured physical activity with headpulse changes.
2021 University of South Australia
The future of sport volunteering
The sport ecosystem is diverse with organisations from national, state and club sport and across all levels of government all with vested interests in sport volunteering. Together they drive greater participation, awareness and capability in sport. To consider this position,...
2021 Australian Sports Commission
What drives quality physical education?
To determine the effects of learning interventions aimed at optimising the quality of physical education (PE) on psychomotor, cognitive, affective and social learning outcomes in children and adolescents.
2021 Macquarie University
Economics of sports injury and participation
The purpose of this project is to quantify the health spending related to physical activity within the Australian population. This is done by assessing: costs due to immediate and long term risk of injuries; and the avoided health spending due...
2020 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)
Understanding volunteer motivations and concerns in coaching and officiating basketball: implications for sport policy
This research examined volunteer intentions and motivations in coaching and officiating in basketball and explored factors influencing their decision to return to COVID-safe basketball.
2020 Federation University Australia
Future Proofing Community Sport & Recreation Facilities: a roadmap for climate change management for the sport and recreation facilities sector
This roadmap has been designed to support all the incredible people who care to share their time for sport and recreation, to those who deliver opportunities for all to play, and to those who want to protect all the good...
2020 Sports Environment Alliance

The Register is part of activating the National Sport Research Agenda, and enabling a more coordinated and aligned sport research effort for sporting organisations, academics, researchers, research funding bodies, and governments across Australia.

If you have any questions about the Register of Sport Research or adding a research project please contact the Clearinghouse team.

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