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National Sport Research Agenda



The Register of Sport Research (Register) lists planned, current and completed Australian sport research.

It provides an opportunity for those commissioning or completing research to share project details with the sector, and for the sector to search for emerging research to help expand the evidence base for sport.

Research projects included are not representative views or endorsements of the Clearinghouse’s partner agencies.

Please note the Register is in BETA development. New projects and elements are still being included.


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Title Year Commenced Organisation name
Value and benefits of organised sport research
The Australian Sports Commission’s research team recently spoke to a broad range of Australian adults from all walks of life about their relationship with sport. We wanted to learn more about what Australians value in sport; how sport makes us...
2022 Australian Sports Commission
Physiological profiling in middle- and long-distance runners
The primary objective is to co-design a testing protocol/s to determine the physiological profile of middle- and long-distance runners, alongside expert sport scientists and coaches. The secondary objective is to determine the validity, reliability, and practicality of the testing protocol/s...
2022 Deakin University
Are We Safer Now? Analysis of Gymnastics Australia's child sexual abuse prevention policies: nature, characteristics and efficacy
To examine the historical progress of Gymnastics Australia's child safe policies, and determine their efficacy against a best-practice tool. The project is a PhD doctoral work undertaken through Queensland University of Technology.
2022 Queensland University of Technology
The impact of social and educational advantage on participation and success in school sport
Australian schooling is one of the most segregated systems in the OECD, with much focus on the inequality between schools from poorer areas compared with those from wealthier suburbs. These inequalities have been explored in terms of infrastructure and funding,...
2022 University of Tasmania
The future of Australian Sport: megatrends shaping the sport sector over coming decades. Second Report.
Australian sports, and the ways in which we engage with sport and physical exercise, are being transformed by new technologies, changing environmental conditions, shifting value systems, new habits and lifestyles and the increasing diversity of the Australian population. Megatrends describe...
2022 Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Australian Sports Commission
Predicting recovery from low back pain (LBP) in elite athletes: a study protocol for two clinical predictive models
A prospective longitudinal inception cohort study with two aims: 1) externally validate a community clinical predictive model for LBP recovery 2) develop an athlete specific clinical predictive model for LBP recovery
2022 La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre
Psychological, Physical, and Sexual Violence Against Children in Australian Community Sport: Frequency, Perpetrator, and Victim Characteristics
Childhood sport participation is associated with physical, social, and mental health benefits, which are more likely to be realized if the sport environment is safe. However, our understanding of children’s experience of psychological, physical, and sexual violence in community sport...
2022 Victoria University
Social Resilience, Migrant Integration and Informal Sport in Public Space
The research is investigating the potential of informal team sport to foster social resilience and build social capital among vulnerable new and temporary migrants. In so doing, it will help us understand the everyday settings that shape migrant incorporation into...
2022 Macquarie University
A community-based modified sport program for rural community dwelling older adults: A pilot study
The primary objectives of this study were to identify the factors influencing participation in a modified sport program for community-dwelling adults aged 60 years or over who live in a rural town in Vicotria, Australia and assess participant satisfaction with...
2022 East Grampians Health Service
Mental health and wellbeing of women as semi and professional players
Elite and semielite athletes commonly experience mental health concerns and disorders. Compared with men athletes, women athletes are at greater risk of a range of psychological stressors that contribute to health concerns and mental health disorders, which can impact their...
2022 Institute for Health & Sport Melbourne, Victoria University

The Register is part of activating the National Sport Research Agenda, and enabling a more coordinated and aligned sport research effort for sporting organisations, academics, researchers, research funding bodies, and governments across Australia.

If you have any questions about the Register of Sport Research or adding a research project please contact the Clearinghouse team.

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