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National Sport Research Agenda



The Register of Sport Research (Register) lists planned, current and completed Australian sport research.

It provides an opportunity for those commissioning or completing research to share project details with the sector, and for the sector to search for emerging research to help expand the evidence base for sport.

Research projects included are not representative views or endorsements of the Clearinghouse’s partner agencies.

Please note the Register is in BETA development. New projects and elements are still being included.


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Title Year Commenced Organisation name
Beyond balanced boards: Improving community sport clubs' gender diversity management
The aim of this research is to examine how Victorian Community Sport Club leadership and participation have been impacted by the Balancing the Board Policy and how Community Sport Clubs are managing these impacts.
2023 Deakin University
Online trolling and e-safety: Women athletes and women working in the sports industry
The project will focus on research into the management of gendered cyber hate by sporting bodies. There is existing evidence which indicates that athletes who are female, trans, and/or people of colour are subjected to significant levels of cyber-hate and...
2023 University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise
Exploring racial literacy and anti-racism in University campus sport
This exploratory research will utilise mixed methods to assess racial literacy and anti-racist sentiment and action within Campus Sport, conducted across two universities. An intersectional lens will be applied to further explore this issue in the context of University commitment...
2023 University of Melbourne
The Value of You Can Be What You Can See Report
To quantify the opportunity of investing into the visibility of women’s elite sport, the Victorian Government’s Office for Women in Sport and Recreation (OWSR) commissioned a study delivered by Gemba in 2023. This analysis forms part of the Change Our...
2023 Office for Women in Sport and Recreation
The muscle mechanisms of hamstring injuries and why they happen
The soft tissue injury program was seeking answers to an age-old question: why do hamstring injuries happen? The team will use its unique advanced imaging techniques to visualise mechanisms of hamstring injury, which could lead to better treatments that keep...
2023 Monash University
The 'HER_TRI' project: Training and Performance health of developing and elite female triathletes
To provide the QAS with applied evidence-based recommendations to enhance the quality, delivery and effectiveness of female talent development and elite programs. To promote critical performance health habits and adequate exercise prescription to support female developing triathletes through adolescent years...
2023 University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise
Athlete Learning
In this project we will apply practice theory to understand athlete learning as a form of 'ontological transformation'. In applying this new learning theory to athlete development in sport, it is envisaged that new understandings will emerge about the social,...
2023 Griffith Institute For Educational Research
Understanding parental psychological abuse in youth sport
The aim of this project is to understand the perceptions and psychosocial impact of parental psychological abuse in youth sport and identify the thematic construction, maintenance, and perpetuation of psychological abuse in youth sport. This project will specifically extend my...
2023 Flinders University
ASF Giving for Sport report FY23
The purpose of the Giving for Sport report is to highlight the changing landscape of philanthropy and fundraising in sport and the opportunity for growth if it receives the support and attention it needs. The report also continues to touch...
2023 Australian Sports Foundation
Optimising heat acclimation across the High-Performance Sport System
This project will determine the timeframe and magnitude of adaptation induced by heat acclimation in athletes training in the heat across the high-performance system. The aim of the project is to inform on the best approach to heat acclimate athletes...
2023 University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise

The Register is part of activating the National Sport Research Agenda, and enabling a more coordinated and aligned sport research effort for sporting organisations, academics, researchers, research funding bodies, and governments across Australia.

If you have any questions about the Register of Sport Research or adding a research project please contact the Clearinghouse team.

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