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National Sport Research Agenda



The Register of Sport Research (Register) lists planned, current and completed Australian sport research.

It provides an opportunity for those commissioning or completing research to share project details with the sector, and for the sector to search for emerging research to help expand the evidence base for sport.

Research projects included are not representative views or endorsements of the Clearinghouse’s partner agencies.

Please note the Register is in BETA development. New projects and elements are still being included.


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Title Year Commenced Organisation name
After the Siren: The community benefits of Indigenous participation in Australian Rules Football
After the Siren aims to build on that narrative of Indigenous peoples’ participation in football at a grass-roots level, and the associated individual and community level outcomes. It is based on analyses of data from the 2014-2015 National Aboriginal and...
2017 Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre
Physical Literacy: Informing a Definition and Standard for Australia
To ensure we are all working from a position of clarity and national consistency around applying a physical literacy approach, the ASC is leading the development of an Australian definition for physical literacy. A national Physical Literacy Standard will also...
2017 Australian Sports Commission
Thesis: Reducing lifestyle diseases using community based sport
This is study of interventions for lifestyle diseases that use community- based sport to provide rehabilitation, disease or risk factor reduction. The focus diseases are cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, type 2 diabetes and obesity. The study identified that...
2017 SportHealthTech
Coaching and Promoting Rugby in Regional Schools: Problems, Needs and Successes
Rugby union has long held winter sporting dominance in Queensland’s Greater Public Schools and other private schools in Queensland’s south-east corner. Outside of this area, however, the sport may be considered to have generally struggled to gain an enduring foothold...
2017 University of Southern Queensland
The Value of Community Sport Infrastructure
While the economic, social and health benefits of sport and physical activity more generally are well-documented, this study represents an unprecedented shift in focus by exploring the value delivered and supported by community sport infrastructure itself.
2017 KPMG
Intergenerational Review of Australian Sport
To understand these trends and their impact in the future and to best prepare Australian sport to adapt for success, the ASC Board engaged The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to undertake The Intergenerational Review of Australian Sport (IGRS). The IGRS...
2017 Australian Sports Commission
Indigenous Australians participation in sports and physical activities
To inform the Australian Sport Commission (ASC)’s development of policy on sport delivery to Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the ASC commissioned ORC International to conduct a research project on Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s participation in...
2017 ORC International
Volunteer Rugby Coaches in Regional Queensland: The significance of lived experience on their coaching philosophies, practices and overall development (PhD thesis)
This research focused on five volunteer rugby union coaches with long-term experience living and coaching in regional Queensland. Using an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, the researcher explored how these coaches' lived experiences have informed their coaching philosophies, practices and development. Five...
2016 University of Southern Queensland
Why don't older adults participate in sport?
The aims of this research were to: 1. Investigate the reasons why older adults do not participate in sport 2. Investigate the reasons why older adults may re-engage in sport 3. Recommend strategies to engage older adults in sport
2016 Australian Sports Commission
Count Me In: a sports participation intervention promoting inclusion for young people from migrant backgrounds in Australia
Count Me In (CMI) was a mixed-methods, participatory action research project designed and implemented in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia between 2017–2019 to address known barriers to sports participation for young people from migrant and minority ethnic groups. It...
2016 The University of Melbourne

The Register is part of activating the National Sport Research Agenda, and enabling a more coordinated and aligned sport research effort for sporting organisations, academics, researchers, research funding bodies, and governments across Australia.

If you have any questions about the Register of Sport Research or adding a research project please contact the Clearinghouse team.

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