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Understanding parental psychological abuse in youth sport

The aim of this project is to understand the perceptions and psychosocial impact of parental psychological abuse in youth sport and identify the thematic construction, maintenance, and perpetuation of psychological abuse in youth sport. This project will specifically extend my current research agenda which investigates how the sociocultural climate of youth sporting clubs influence parental behaviour and involvement. The proposed project will maximise the generation of context-specific knowledge for improving parental behaviour in youth sport that will enhance scholarly and policy understandings of youth sport and parenting. This research will help to situate Australia at the forefront of practice in maximising youth sport participation through enhancing the quality of parental behaviour and reduce the risks of interpersonal abuse.

Project Owner: Flinders University
Year commenced: 2023
Anticipated completion: 2024
Status: Ongoing
Project ID: ID-230516-3173


Project owner

Contact Name: Associate Professor Sam Elliott
Contact Information:
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