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Implementation of a physical activity and physical literacy tool in schools

The main aim is to test the implementation of a physical activity and physical literacy measurement reporting tool into schools. This project aims to explore implementation of the online measurement tool and develop a toolkit to help schools use the tool. We will assess the three implementation outcomes: acceptability, adoption, and appropriateness of an online measurement tool designed for schools. The data from school personnel will enable us to develop a toolkit to be used alongside the tool to aid in adoption of the platform in the future by schools. This tool will allow schools to establish current physical activity and physical literacy levels and practice, set school and class goals and monitor their progress.  

Project Owner: Deakin University
Year commenced: 2024
Anticipated completion: 2026
Status: Proposed
Project ID: ID-240709-2552



Project owner

Contact Name: Prof Lisa Barnett
Contact Information:

Project Partner

Organisation University of Western Australia
Organisation Australian Sports Commission
Organisation Telethon Kids Institute
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