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Coaching and Promoting Rugby in Regional Schools: Problems, Needs and Successes

Rugby union has long held winter sporting dominance in Queensland’s Greater Public Schools and other private schools in Queensland’s south-east corner. Outside of this area, however, the sport may be considered to have generally struggled to gain an enduring foothold in regional schools. Having coached rugby and taught in various schools throughout regional Queensland over the past 25 years, the presenter has sourced several experienced regionally-based school rugby coaches to outline their experiences in coaching and promoting the sport in regional Queensland schools. The presenter conducted a similar study fourteen years ago and wished to see what has changed for regional school rugby coaches. This session will present their thoughts and opinions on current problems they face in promoting the sport in their respective schools and support they feel would be helpful from their governing bodies. As well, this session will provide strategies and ideas these teacher-coaches have found successful in attracting and retaining players as well as promoting the sport in their regional contexts.

Project Owner: University of Southern Queensland
Year commenced: 2017
Year completed: 2017
Status: Completed
Project ID: ID-230112-9907


Title: Coaching and Promoting Rugby in Regional Schools: Problems, Needs and Successes
Type Presentation
Details: Findings were presented at an international rugby conference in New Zealand at Massey University in 2017 and to Rugby Australia staff.
Access/Audience: Restricted (contact owner for more information)
Date: 2017

Project owner

Contact Name: Dr David Robinson
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