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Market Segmentation for Sport Participation

Market Segmentation - Parents

The overall aim of the Market Segmentation Study for Parents was to explore parents’ attitudes and behaviours towards sport and sport clubs in order to better understand the decision making process that parents go through in selecting sporting activities or involvement in sport clubs for their children.

The study complements evidence from the children’s Market Segmentation for Sport Participation study, and when considered in conjunction provides a holistic understanding of the drivers for both child and parent to help sports create new and refine existing strategies that better target recruitment and retention of children in club sport.

The Study provides other key insights, such as:

  • reaffirming that the vast majority of parents agree that physical activity is good for their child, and even suggesting that having inactive children may reflect negatively on them as parents which can be a significant driver;
  • understanding that both parents and children identify a greater potential range and number of benefits in relation to club sport compared to other avenues for sport participation, but that some parents’ existing negative attitudes and perceptions towards club sport are a key barrier to their children’s involvement;
  • recognising that many children have an active role in choosing their sport or activity and the need to capitalise on the methods that prompt their decision making;
  • indicating a clear opportunity for the sport sector to increase interest and involvement in clubs through exposure in schools; and
  • other key insights helpful when planning for retention and acquisition of children in sport, including club sport.

Parent Segments

The segmentation across the Australian population of parents with children aged 5-17 identifies eight segments based on differences in parents’ participation, attitudes and behaviour towards sport or physical activity for themselves and their children:

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