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Market Segmentation for Sport Participation

Market Segmentation - Children

The Market Segmentation Study provides key insights outlining how the sport sector can influence motivations and behaviours children have towards sport and physical activity. These include:

  • providing sport delivery that focuses on fun and enjoyment rather than competition;
  • providing products and services that are inclusive; promote equal treatment; and focus on fun and participation regardless of skill level and ability;
  • providing a variety of pricing packages and different types of membership that allow for flexibility of attendance and time commitment; and
  • identifying the potential for growth opportunities with regards to sport club membership by understanding the needs of different segments and the products they may be attracted to

Children Segments

The study identified six consumer segments among the Australian children’s population (aged five to 13 years):

  • Current club member segments - Social Loyalists, Sport Driven and Apathetic Clubbers
  • Non-club member segments - Thrifty Enthusiasts, Ponderers and Sport Resistant
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