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The Market Segmentation Study provides key insights regarding how participation in sport among the Australian adult population (aged 14-65) is affected by:

  • sport delivery that focuses on competition rather than fun and enjoyment;
  • a lack of flexibility around the scheduling of sport in traditional sporting clubs;
  • organising individuals and teams according to talent rather than retaining friendship groups;
  • limited opportunities for people with limited sports competency to join sporting clubs; and
  • self-consciousness amongst adolescents and embarrassment because of their lack of sporting ability.

Adult Segments

The study identifies ten consumer segments among the Australian adult population:

  • Current club member segments - Loyalists, Socially Engaged, Sport Driven and Apathetic Clubbers
  • Non-club member segments - Sidelined Sportsters, Club Wary, Ponderers, Self-focused, Sport Indifferent and Sport Atheists
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