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In sport, like many other industries, women are generally under-represented in leadership and governance positions.

While AusPlay data shows high participation at grassroots levels, other data suggests that women are not transitioning through the pathway to professional or high performance roles. 1, 2, 146 This includes board appointments, executive leadership, high performance coaching and officiating roles, and media. While various reasons are suggested for why, it seems a series of social, cultural and sometimes procedural barriers remain.


In 2022, approximately 49% of Australian sport and recreation administrators and 64% of team managers were women. 1
In 2023, 22% of CEOs, across 65 Australian Sports Commission funded National Sporting Organisations were women. 2
In 2023, 25% of Board Chairs across 65 Australian Sports Commission funded National Sporting Organisations were women. 2
In 2022, approximately 40% of Australians who participated as a coach, instructor, trainer or teacher in the sport and recreation sector were women [aged 15+]. 1
In 2022, approximately 44% of Australians who participated as officials were women [aged 15+].  1
18% of Australian accredited coaches at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and 23% at the Paralympic Games were women.  3
51% of Australian athletes were women during the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. 4, 5
At the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games 85% of Olympic sports and 59% of Paralympic sports had an equal number of medal events for women and men. 6, 7


Leadership and governance

Improving gender diversity in leadership and governance helps create stronger and more sustainable organisations.

Coaching and officiating

Like other aspects of sport, coaching and officiating have traditionally been male-dominated activities.

Professionalisation and pay equity

Recognition of women in sports’ skill and value is growing, but challenges remain for professionalisation and pay equity.

Media coverage and representation

In Australia, and internationally, men are more likely to feature in the media (both playing and commentating).

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