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AusPlay results

AusPlay provides national, state and territory data on almost 400 different participation sports and activities in Australia and who is participating in them.

Data collection for AusPlay has been continuous since the survey commenced on 22 October 2015. Results can be downloaded below.

Latest release

Results from the most recent 12 months of AusPlay data

Data visualisations

Results using the entire aggregated AusPlay data set

National participation

What sports and physical activities are most popular in Australia

Top sports and activities in Australia

Participation trends in Australia since 2001

State and territory participation

Participant behaviour across states and territories.

State and territory participation

Participation by age

The way in which Australians choose to be active as they move through each life stage.

Participation data by age

Participation story of life stages


The health of Australians and how they compare against the health guideline criteria.

Australian health

Comparison against the Australian health guidelines

Past and future releases

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