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Women in Sport

Awards and Recognition

Awards and honours help define, encourage and reinforce excellence. Australia has a system of honours and awards so its citizens can be recognised for excellence, achievement, or meritorious service.

Australia’s honours system was established in 1975 with the creation of the Order of Australia, replacing the previous Imperial system of British honours that were phased out by the 1980's. 1

Many women athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, and board members have been recognised over the years through the Australian honours system for their contribution to sport and society. Although Australian Government awards are not gender specific, it is significant that women in sport can be recognised in this way for their achievements.



Australian Honours Seach Facility. Contains over 280,000 entries of people who have been honoured since federation through to the present day. New listings are generally added when honours announcements take place, e.g., on Australia Day, the King’s Birthday, or through Bravery Decorations announcements.



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