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Sport Participation in Australia

Prepared by: Christine May, Senior Research Consultant, Clearinghouse for Sport
Evaluated by: Graeme Murphy, Lecturer, University of Sunshine Coast
Reviewed by: Australasian Sport Information Network
Last updated: 13 October 2020
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Sport participation at all levels and abilities makes an important contribution to the amount of regular physical activity (PA) undertaken by Australians.

There is now compelling evidence that increased levels of PA can bring wide-ranging health benefits for individuals and communities. These benefits can extend beyond physical health to include mental health and personal well-being. At a population level these benefits include reducing the cost of the public health burden on governments and contributing to stronger and more cohesive communities.

Key messages

Sport Participation

In 2019 over 90% of adults [over 15 years] participated in sport/PA, 50% of women and 58% of men participated in sport-related activities. Of the 76% of children who participated in organised after-school activities 72% participated in sport-related activities.

Social capital

Regular community-based sport participation in Australia generates an estimated AUD$18.7B value p.a. in social capital—that is, enhancing social productivity for a common good.

National Plan

The Australian Government's national sport plan, Sport 2030, recognises the personal, social and economic benefits of sport and aims to make Australia the world’s most active, healthy sporting nation.

Topic focus

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