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AIS Swimming Program

AIS Swimming Program



The Swimming program was separated into men's and women's teams. Dennis Pursley became Head Men's Coach and Craig Crozier Assistant Men's Coach. Bill Sweetenham was elevated to Head Women's Coach and Ken Wood appointed Assistant Women's Coach.

On the 6th of July, the Swimming Hall consisting of 50m and 25m pools, weight room, sauna, spa and conference room officially opened.

Bill Sweetenham was badly injured in a car accident in Germany.

Major competitions were: Mission Viejo International Invitational, McDonald's Los Angeles Pre-Olympic Meet (men and women), Tri-Meet - AIS, Sweden and West Germany (men and women), Toyko International Invitational (men and women), Hapoel Games (women), Canada Cup (women) and World Student Games.

Support staff
  • Dennis Pursely (head coach)
  • John Rodgers
  • William Sweetenham (head coach)
  • Craig Crozier
  • Ken Wood
Athletes - Men
  • Glenn Beringen
  • Michael Bohl
  • Matthew Brown
  • Stephen Cameron
  • Jonathon Cattana
  • Stephen Cook
  • Peter Dale
  • Noel Donnelly
  • Gregory Fasala
  • Ian Findlay
  • Timothy Ford
  • Glynn Husdell
  • Brad Jones
  • Ronald McKeon
  • David Orbell
  • Malcolm Packman
  • Paul Rowe
  • Lindsay Spencer
  • Brett Stocks
  • Mark Stockwell
  • Ralph Taylor
  • Gary Watson
  • Rob Woodhouse
Athletes - Women
  • Suzi Baumer
  • Joanne Bell
  • Rickie Binning
  • Kym Boorman
  • Wendy Bowie
  • Gillian Collingwood
  • Lisa Curry
  • Lisa Dedman
  • Bettina Faux
  • Cindy Lu-Fitzpatrick
  • Elizabeth Grant
  • Suzanne Landells
  • Audrey Moore
  • Victoria Moore
  • Krista Muir
  • Georgina Parkes
  • Michele Pearson
  • Karen Phillips
  • Lynne Prosser
  • Dianne Sandberg
  • Andrea Shaw
  • Caroline Whitty
  • Susie Woodhouse
1983 Team Photo Men
Men’s team (left to right)
Back Row: Dennis Pursley (head men’s coach), Ian Findlay, Michael Bohl, Peter Dale, Jonathan Cattana, Greg Fasala, Brett Stocks, Paul Rowe, Stephen Cook, Craig Crozier (assistant coach)
Front Row: Ron McKeon, Glenn Beringen, Matthew Brown, Gary Watson, Mark Stockwell, Rob Woodhouse, David Orbell, Timothy Ford, Glynn Husdell
1983 Team Photo Women
Women’s team (left to right)
Back Row: Lisa Curry, Ricky Binning, Audrey Moore, Gillian Collingwood, Michele Pearson, Georgina Parkes, Bettina Faux, Susie Woodhouse, Joanne Bell, Cindy-Lu Fitzpatrick, Suzi Baumer
Front Row: Lynne Prosser, Suzanne Landells, Victoria Moore, Caroline Whitty, Wendy Bowie, Dianne Sandberg, Elizabeth Grant, Kym Boorman, Krista Muir, Karen Phillips

Major international performances

World University Games - Edmonton, Canada (1-12 July)
  • Sue Woodhouse - Gold 100m Butterfly; Gold 200m Butterfly
Tokyo International Invitational
  • Stephen Cook and Mark Stockwell defeated world record holders in Men's 100m breaststroke and Men's 100m freestyle respectively. Glenn Beringen and Stephen Cook finished 1-2 in the Men's 200m breaststroke.
McDonald's Los Angeles Pre-Olympic Event
  • Rod Woodhouse became first Australian to break 4:30.0 barrier in Men's 400m Individual Medley and Suzanne Landells to break 4:50.0 in Women's 400m Individual Medley.
Tri-Meet - AIS, West Germany and Sweden
  • Suzi Baumer won the 200m, 400m and 800m Freestyle events.
  • Male gold medalists included Paul Rowe, Greg Fasala, Peter Dale, Glenn Beringen, Brett Stocks and David Orbell.
World Student Games
  • Susie Woodhouse - Gold 100m Butterfly; Gold 200m Butterfly
Commonwealth Long Course Records
  • Greg Fasala - Men's 100m Freestyle 50.96, West Germany-Sweden-AIS Meet, 7 August 1983
National Records
  • Greg Fasala - Men's 100m Freestyle 50.96
  • Greg Fasala - Men's 50m Freestyle 22.97
  • Rob Woodhouse - Men's 400m Individual Medley 4:28.44
World Rankings
  • Men - AIS swimmers achieved 10 out of 17 of Australian world ranked swimmers
  • Women - AIS swimmers achieved 9 out of 13 of Australian world ranked swimmers
AIS Awards - Women
  • Oustanding Swimmer - Suzanne Landells
  • Oustanding Performance - Susie Woodhouse
  • Most Valuable Swimmer - Karen Phillips
  • Most Spirited Swimmer - Georgina Parkes

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