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Technology in Sport Volunteering - Friend or foe?

Date: 12 March 2024


  • Claudia Marazita, Golf Australia
  • Daragh Galvin, eSafety Commissioner
  • Fiona Chisolm, Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds
  • Scott Tutton, Cricket Australia



Technology is a permanent fixture in sports management. This webinar investigated the use of tech tools for recruiting and managing volunteers in sport, and how challenges in implementing technology platforms can become opportunities for improving the volunteer experience. Starting with simple tasks like onboarding and streamlining volunteer role allocation and advancing to using AI to improve resource management and using data from tech platforms to ensure strategic success, there is something for volunteer managers and leaders in sport at all levels in this webinar.


Claudia Marazita, Head of Workforce Strategy, Golf Australia, shares the challenges and opportunities in the evolution of a volunteer and workforce strategy using a new volunteer management system. Claudia shares how this system has effectively connected volunteers from major events to local opportunities and has provided data for the first time on volunteers in Golf.

Daragh Galvin, Senior Policy Lead, eSafety Commissioner, will speak about the Be Connected program and other existing resources that are available to support the safe and inclusive transition from paper to electronic resources for ageing volunteer cohorts. Daragh speaks to the importance of bringing volunteers along in the process of implementing technological systems and ensuring there is sufficient support to manage the change.

Fiona Chisolm, Director, Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds, will speak to the simple ways that this not-for-profit organisation achieves great impact through simple volunteer management systems that run wholly online. From immediate responses to all would-be volunteers to modifying tasks to suit volunteers’ skills, these simple strategies helped the organisation go from 12 to 70 volunteers in a year.

Scott Tutton, Head of Clubs and Volunteers, Cricket Australia, shares about the learnings Cricket have applied in the optimisation of their online resource management systems to support volunteers. Automating aspects of volunteer support enables more volunteers to feel empowered to be effective in their volunteer roles every weekend.

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