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The Future of Australian Sport

The second report: Megatrends shaping the sport sector over coming decades

The Australian sport sector will look very different in 2032 when Australia once again hosts the Olympic and Paralympic Games and becomes the focus of global attention.

Australian sports, and the ways in which we engage with sport and physical exercise, are being transformed by new technologies, changing environmental conditions, shifting value systems, new habits and lifestyles and the increasing diversity of the Australian population.

This report identifies six megatrends that will shape the Australian sports sector over the coming decade and beyond and provides a decadal update on the first ground-breaking report, The Future of Australian Sport: Megatrends shaping the sports sector over coming decades, released by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in 2013.

Megatrends describe connected groupings of smaller social, political, economic, technological, legal and environmental trends. They create an overarching narrative for the main drivers of longitudinal change that can steer policy formation, strategic planning and investment decisions for the long and medium-term future.

The second report: Megatrends shaping the sport sector over coming decades

Six new megatrends that will reshape Australian sports out to 2032 and beyond.

Escalate the exercise

new pathways to sport

New horizons

science and technology changing the game

The next arena

the rise of entertainment sports

Mind the gap

bringing Australia together across generational and societal divides

Our best sporting side

safe, sustainable and inclusive for all

The perfect pivot

adapting in an uncertain world

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