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AIS Swimming Program

AIS Swimming Program



The AIS swimming program aims to promote excellence in swimming and to foster individual and national pride.

In 1987, 24 men and 13 women were on scholarship and the team fulfilled these expectations by attaining 16 world ranked performances, 37 international gold medals and 17 national level records. This achievement was not only the result of the AIS program but the continued support and contribution summer coaches and administration from the swimming fraternity outside the Institute.

Bill Sweetenham was recognised with the 'Master Coach' award and the 1987 Australia Swim Coach of the year.

Support staff
  • William Sweetenham (head coach)
  • Bernie Mulroy (Women)
  • Terry Gathercole (Men)
  • Judy Hudson
Athletes - Men
  • Craig Boettcher
  • Ian Brown
  • Robert Bruce
  • Martin Davies
  • Peter Gee
  • Robert Gleria
  • Cameron Greenaway
  • Scott Hamlett
  • Brent Harding
  • Colin Irvine
  • Rodney Lawson
  • Paul Lee
  • Gary Lord
  • Cid Mateo
  • Ian McAdam
  • Michael McKenzie
  • Martin Roberts
  • Dominic Sheldrick
  • Brett Stocks
  • Mark Stockwell
  • Simon Upton
  • David Wilson
  • Rob Woodhouse
Athletes - Women
  • Jaye Butler
  • Dimity Douglas
  • Pippa Downes
  • Lisa Fildes
  • Michelle Gallen
  • Jacki Grant
  • Karen Lord
  • Kellie Lowns
  • Jody McGibbon
  • Jenny Messenger
  • Audrey Moore
  • Donna Procter
1987 team photo
1987 team (left to right)
Back row: Ian McAdam, Gary Lord, Martin Roberts, Mark Stockwell, Martin Davies, Paul Lee, Brett Stocks
Middle row: Karen Lord, Rob Woodhouse, Unknown, Dominic Sheldrick, Brent Harding, Robert Bruce, Cameron Greenaway, David Wilson, Unknown, Scott Hamlett, Rodney Lawson, Dimity Douglas
Front row: Unknown, Donna Procter, Pippa Downes, Jenny Messenger, Michelle Gallen, Unknown, Jacki Grant, Unknown

Major international performances

Pan Pacific Championships - Brisbane, Australia (13-16 August)
  • Ian Brown
  • Robert Bruce
  • Scott Hamlett - Silver 4x200m Freestyle Relay
  • Rodney Lawson - Bronze 4x100m Medley Relay
  • Michael McKenzie - Gold 1500m Freestyle
  • Ian McAdam
  • Martin Roberts - Silver 4x200m Freestyle Relay; Bronze 4x100m Freestyle Relay
  • Dominic Sheldrick - Bronze 4x100m Freestyle Relay
  • Simon Upton
  • David Wilson - Bronze 200m Butterfly
  • Rob Woodhouse - Silver 400m Individual Medley
Former scholarship holder
  • Carl Wilson - Bronze 4x100m Medley Relay
  • Pippa Downes
  • Jacki Grant - Bronze 4x100m Freestyle
  • Karen Lord
  • Donna Procter - Bronze 800m Freestyle
Former scholarship holder
  • Susie Baumer - Silver 200m Freestyle; Silver 4x200m Freestyle Relay; Bronze 400m Freestyle
  • Angela Mullens - Bronze 4x100m Freestyle
  • Bill Sweetenham (Head)
  • Bernie Mulroy
World University Games - Zagreb, Yugoslavia (8-19 July)
  • Ian Brown
  • Martin Davies
  • Paul Lee
  • Ian McAdam
  • Martin Roberts
  • Dominic Sheldrick
  • Rob Woodhouse - Gold 400m Individual Medley; Silver 200m Individual Medley
Former scholarship holder
  • Steven Bricknell
  • Andrew De Vries
  • Richard Ford
  • Jenny Messenger
  • Audrey Moore
Former scholarship holder:
  • Michele Pearson
  • Susie Woodhouse
Commonwealth Long Course Records
  • Martin Roberts, Scott Hamlett Non-AIS: Tom Stachewicz, Duncan Armstrong - Men's 4x200m Freestyle Relay 7:19.95, Pan Pacific Championships, Brisbane, Australia, 14 July 1987
  • Michael McKenzie - Men's 800m Freestyle 8:02.09, Pan Pacific Championships, Brisbane, Australia, 16 July 1987
AIS Annual Swimming Awards
  • Most Outstanding Swimmers - Male: Donna Procter
  • Most Outstanding Swimmers - Female: Donna Procter
  • Most Dedicated Swimmers - Male: David Wilson
  • Most Dedicated Swimmers - Female: Pippa Downes
  • Most Improved Swimmers - Male: Martin Roberts and Ian McAdam
  • Most Improved Swimmers - Female: Karen Lord
  • Most Valuable Swimmer - Dominic Sheldrick
  • Academic Achievement - Jenny Messenger
  • Four Years World Ranked - Rob Woodhouse

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The AIS Alumni Network website includes athletes who were on AIS scholarship for at least two months consecutively. All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the information included is accurate and comprehensive.

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