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AIS Swimming Program

AIS Swimming Program



In its first year of existence, the AIS swimming team established itself as the local point of Australian senior swimming in an effort to help Australia regain a position of world prominence.

Swimming training was carried out at Deakin Pool on Monday to Friday between 6:00am to 8:00am and 4:00pm to 6:00pm with weight training and circuit training from 6:30pm to 7:15pm. Saturday morning training consisted of three hours swimming and one hour weight training and circuit work.

Swimming athletes accommodation was at Burgmann College, Australian National University.

Major competitions were: Canada v AIS Dual Meet, Toyko International Invitational, SGIO Games and Chinese International Invitational.

Support staff
  • Dennis Pursely (head coach)
  • William Sweetenham (head coach)
Athletes - Men
  • Graeme Brewer
  • Neil Brooks
  • Matthew Brown
  • Noel Burton
  • Graeme Carroll
  • Stephen Cook
  • Stephen Cornelius
  • Peter Dale
  • Richard Dill-Macky
  • Stephen Foley
  • Timothy Ford
  • Neil Hollingsworth
  • Glynn Husdell
  • Graeme McGufficke
  • Ronald McKeon
  • Donald Metcalf
  • Mark Morgan
  • David Orbell
  • Barnard Pegram
  • Paul Rowe
  • Lindsay Spencer
  • Kim Terrell
Athletes - Women
  • Suzi Baumer
  • Jan Campbell
  • Lisa Curry
  • Michelle Gray
  • Michelle Pearson
  • Joy Petrides
  • Lynne Prosser
  • Bernadette Shepherd
  • Tracy Wickham
  • Susie Woodhouse

Major international performances

World University Games - Bucharest, Romania (19-30 July)
  • Graeme Brewer
  • Ron McKeon
  • Mark Morgan
  • Susie Woodhouse - Silver 200m Butterfly
AIS v Canada Dual Meet - Vancouver, Canada (23 August)
  • AIS swimmers won 16 out of 26 events
  • Paul Rowe and Lisa Curry established national records in 200m and 100m butterfly respectively
  • Dual events winners - Michelle Pearson, Susie Baumer, Graeme Brewer, Lynn Prosser.
Tokyo International Invitational
  • AIS swimmers won 9 of Australia's 17 medals.
  • Michelle Pearson won both individual medley events and Graeme Brewer the Men's 200m Freestyle.
SGIO Games
  • AIS swimmers won 17 out of 24 gold medals.
  • Susie Baumer won four events, Mathew Brown three events, Lisa Curry, Lyn Prosser and David Orbell won two events.
  • Mathew Brown named swimmer of the meet.
Chinese International Invitational
  • AIS swimmers won 11 events.
  • Graeme McGufficke won all freestyle events and Paul Rowe and David Orbell both won two events.
National Long Course Records
  • Paul Rowe - 200m Butterfly
  • Lisa Curry - 100m Butterfly
  • Michelle Pearson - 400m Individual Medley


The AIS Alumni Network website includes athletes who were on AIS scholarship for at least two months consecutively. All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the information included is accurate and comprehensive.

Please contact us if you notice any errors or omissions.

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