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The Future is Youth: a whole new ball game

In Focus Seminar Series: Volunteering

Date: 16 May 2023

Facilitators: Dr Sue Regan, Volunteering Australia and Dr. Lindsey Reece, Australian Sports Commission

Presenters:  Dr. Rosalyn Black,  Deakin University, Holly Hazel, Volunteering Western Australia, Simon Rodder, Centre for Multicultural Sport and Adam Weir, Surf Life Saving Australia.

Powerpoint Slides
Holly Hazel - Volunteering WAPDF filetype 12.3MB
Rosalyn Black - Deakin UniversityPDF filetype 427kb
Simon Rodder - CM SportPDF filetype 902kb


During this online conversation, we discussed the current volunteering landscape in Australia for young people, hearing from prominent speakers who shareed their knowledge around the barriers, the motivations and how we can effectively communicate about volunteering in sport with young Australians.

A facilitated Q and A explored the motivations and benefits of volunteering amongst young people, recruitment strategies that appeal, how sporting clubs can ready themselves for young volunteers as well as understanding new and emerging Australian communities.

Presenter Biographies

Dr. Rosalyn BlackSenior Lecturer in Education (Humanities, Societies and Environments), Deakin University and co-author of Youth Volunteering in Australia: An evidence review (Walsh, L., & Black, R. - 2015) will share her insights about youth volunteering in Australia, with a refreshed lens across recent research regarding youth volunteering in Australia as a phenomenon and a practice

Holly Hazel – Manager Marketing & Communications, Volunteering WA will provide valuable insights for sporting organisations to consider around what volunteering looks like to young people, the barriers young people face in volunteering, the pitfalls of current volunteering recruitment strategies that causes them to fail and what works in motivating and attracting young people to volunteering opportunities

Simon Rodder – Manager, CM Sport (Centre for Multicultural Sport) will share his knowledge around the power of sport in connecting diverse peoples, how we can bridge the gap between the sporting world and Australia's multicultural communities and their needs, ensuring sporting clubs can be safe and welcoming environments that provide opportunities for culturally and linguistically diverse young volunteers

Adam WeirCEO Surf Life Saving Australia, will share how the organisation positively promotes young people as respected members and citizens within their local clubs and communities, and how they successfully engage, recruit, recognise and retain their young volunteers

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