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What uniforms would assist adolescent girls and women feel comfortable and confident in if they were an umpire/referee/official

Sport uniforms play a key role to encourage active girls to continue playing sport and some inactive girls to begin playing sport. It is unclear if uniforms could also be a barrier for adolescent girls (aged 15+) and women when they umpire/referee/officiate sport or even prevent them from wanting to be in these leadership roles. The purpose of this study is to learn about uniform needs for adolescent girls and women in sport who are interested or currently umpire/referee in sport. Findings will be compiled into a Guide for sport organisations, umpire associations and the general community to enhance umpire uniform policies and regulations. This guide will create a ‘care factor’ to assist adolescent girls and women to feel comfortable and confident in what they wear and ready to umpire/officiate/referee in sport.

Project Owner: Victoria University
Year commenced: 2023
Anticipated completion: 2024
Status: Active
Project ID: ID-230904-9124


Title: What type of uniforms do women want to wear when they referee or umpire sport?
Type Published (on website)
Details: In Australia, women are under-represented in leadership roles, which includes umpires and referees. To assist the growth of sport, there is a need to identify barriers and disrupt norms to encourage women to be involved in these important roles. During the time research was conducted by our team at Victoria University, on what girls and women want for uniforms to play sport, we were contacted by women in officiating roles, who wanted their uniform needs to also be heard. Comments included the notion that women umpire and referee uniforms tend to be male-centric and uncomfortable. These uniforms may make it difficult for women to feel confident and ready to officiate.
Access/Audience: Open
Date: 2024

Project owner

Contact Name: Professor Clare Hanlon
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Project Partner

Organisation Women Sport Australia
Organisation Susan Alberti Medical Foundation
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