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Adult sport participation across the life course

This study forms part of a PhD program of research, and has two distinct objectives. Firstly, to determine the multi-layered factors that influence adults’ (25-64 years) decisions to engage in sport at various life stages. Secondly, to understand the role of sporting clubs in encouraging adults to participate in sport. This dual understanding will help to inform and enable sporting clubs and organisations to tailor sports programs and competitions to adults’ specific needs, to attract more adults to sport and sustain their involvement, thus optimising their health and social outcomes.

Project Owner: Flinders University
Year commenced: 2023
Anticipated completion:
Status: Active
Project ID: ID-230524-3316


Title: Online survey
Type Other
Details: I am conducting an online survey of adults currently involved in sport and those who are not participating. The survey can be accessed through the link below.
Access/Audience: Open

Project owner

Contact Name: Sarah Crossman
Contact Information:
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