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What attracts and retains women with disability as employees in sport

To identify insights from women with disability on barriers, contributors, and good practice strategies organisations implement that effect these women’s recruitment, retention and potential progression to leadership roles in the sport and recreation industry.

Project Owner: Victoria University
Year commenced: 2019
Year completed: 2020
Status: Completed
Project ID: ID-230111-7153


Title: A guide for employers in sport to attract and retain women with disability
Type Published (on website)
Details: Disability Sport & Recreation website
Access/Audience: Open
Date: 2020
Title: Workplace Experiences of Women with Disability in Sport Organisations
Type: Academic Article
Details: Hanlon. C. & Taylor, T. (2022). Workplace Experiences of Women with Disability in Sport Organisations. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living
Access/Audience: Open
Date: 2022

Project owner

Contact Name: Professor Clare Hanlon
Contact Information:

Project Partner

Organisation Disability Sport & Recreation
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