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The value of role models, and role model programs, is their ability to demonstrate diversity, inclusion, and to encourage preferred behaviours.

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Social and emotional wellbeing is a broad concept that includes mental health, community connection and an overall positive state of wellbeing.

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Fully-matching results

Hayes, M. et al. (2019) An overview of Australian

28 Jan 2021: AN OVERVIEW OF AUSTRALIAN ATHLETESEXPERIENCES WITH SOCIAL MEDIA DURING MAJOR SPORT EVENTS. ... to managing social media distractions. The training. and education experiences varied among athletes.

Australian Sport Information Network

6 Feb 2024: Supporting the ongoing collaborative work of AUSPIN member agencies.

Australian Sport Policy

18 Apr 2024: It also aimed to improve the level of performance of Australian athletes nationally and internationally. ... ASDA). Olympic athlete program: making great Australians, Australian Government, Department of Environment, Sport and Territories, (1994).

Factors influencing sport participation

24 Apr 2024: Research has identified a number of factors that can motivate or provide barriers to participation in sport.

Showcasing Australia

22 Feb 2024: The ability to host successful major events signals competence and projects positive perceptions of Australia.


4 Apr 2024: Women are generally under-represented in sport leadership, administration, coaching, officiating, and media.

National Sport Information Centre (NSIC)

4 Mar 2024: staff and athletes of the AIS, and those working within the Australian sport sector. ... Hayes, M. et al. (2019) An overview of Australian athletes' experiences with social media during major sport events : industry research report(PDF • 413.3 kb).

Planning and legacy

22 Feb 2024: Governments around the world invest in major sporting events to create social, economic, and cultural benefits.

Child Protection in Sport

10 Mar 2023: The Violence Towards Athletes Questionnaire (VTAQ) was administered online to a convenience sample of Australian adults (>18 years), retrospectively reporting experiences of violence during childhood community sport. ... The documentary sparked a global


9 Mar 2023: Interactive games, (accessed 13 August 2021). The interactive games and esports market accounted for 5.9 percent of the total Australian entertainment and media market in 2020. ... Secondly, we provide an overview of key Australian esports titles,

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