Australian Sport History

Australian Sport History         
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Australia’s competitive sport history dates back to early 1800’s in the colony of New South Wales; cricket, horse racing, sailing, professional foot races, and rowing were popular sports.

All sports and sports organisations have a story to tell about how they were established and developed; important individuals and events that have contributed to their history; and the impact they have had on communities and Australian society more broadly. 

There are a range of organisations in Australia that support the development of sport history from research, management, and preservation perspectives. These organisations can assist and provide advice to sports organisations in the management of their history. 

Key Messages 


Australian sport history highlights the importance of sport in Australian society.


Australian sporting organisations need to manage their history in order to document developments in their organisation and sport and to recognise the achievements of athletes, coaches and administrators.


There are range of resources and services that can assist Australian sporting organisations to manage their history.

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