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Presenter:  Paul Barnett

Facilitator:  Bill Davoren, HP Coach Development Manager


AIS HP Coach Development Manager, Bill Davoren recently hosted Paul Barnett (owner and curator of the Great Coaches Podcast) for a casual but highly informative discussion. The session focused on effective coach practices and explored several key topics, including:

  • Culture and leadership.
  • Humanistic coaching and the importance of developing people and athletes.
  • Philosophies, values and beliefs.
  • Relationships and
  • Growth, learning and development.


Paul Barnett is a CEO, Executive Coach and Podcast host. He has led businesses across Europe and after 16 years as an expat returned to Australia in late 2022.  His experiences in the corporate world have led him to believe that there is no algorithm for leadership, and so in 2020 he started a podcast; The Great Coaches: Leadership & Life, to try and find ideas to be a better leader.

He chose sports coaches because he felt they represented the type of stoic and selfless leadership that the world needed more of. He has so far interviewed over 150 of the world’s great sports coaches. They are men and women who have won multiple Olympic medals and championships on both national and world stages. In this conversation he talks about the top things he has learned from these interviews and how he has applied them

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