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Hamstring strain injury


24 Sep 2014


Dr David Opar, Australian Catholic University


Despite being the primary injury in running based sports for over 2 decades, the incidence of hamstring injury and the recurrent rate remains high. This talk focussed on the hypothesis that long term deficits in activation of the hamstrings, particularly during eccentric contraction, is a primary candidate for structural and functional deficits that are present in previously injured hamstrings. In addition, the use of the Nordic hamstring exercise testing device to measure eccentric hamstring strength efficiently in the field was discussed.


Dr David Opar completed his Undergraduate degree in Human Movement at RMIT University in 2008 and was appointed as an Associate Lecturer at RMIT in 2009. David commenced his doctoral thesis (PhD) at the Queensland University of Technology in 2010 in the area of hamstring strain injuries. He was conferred his doctorate in 2013. At the beginning of 2013 David joined ACU as a Lecturer in the School of Exercise Science.

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