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30th Anniversary Series - Greg Blood reflects


08 Dec 2011


Greg Blood, Principal Librarian, National Sport Information Centre


Reflection on the development of the AIS and ASC for three periods.

First period – 1981-1988 – Establishment of the AIS in terms of vision, national approach, facilities and research and information.

Second period – 1989–2000 – Merger between AIS and ASC and Sydney Olympics in terms of Olympic Athlete Program, sports science research, leadership and tension between high performance and participation.

Third period – 2001–2011  - Post Sydney Olympics in terms of planning,  vision, partnerships and Crawford Report. Reflection concludes with ‘2020 Vision’ in terms of AIS, athlete alumni, Coaching and national institute of sports network.


Greg Blood started at the AIS Information Centre in March 1983 and has played a major role in the development of the National Sport Information Centre until December 2011.

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