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XIIth International Symposium on Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming

Energy and dietary demands of pool and open water swimming


30 Apr 2014


Dr David Costill, Ball State University


Dr David Costill, Emeritus Professor of Exercise Science and Director of the Human Performance Laboratory, at Ball State University 1966–2004 years. He has published, lectured and conducted research related to various aspects of sports performance and nutrition. The focus of his research has been to better understand the demands of swimming training and the day to day nutritional needs of athletes.


This session was moderated by AIS Senior Dietician Greg Shaw to lead Dr Costill through his 50 years of swimming physiology and sports nutrition research. Though his past efforts have been directed toward energy demands and muscular training, the intent of this discussion will be to address the demands on dietary needs and adaptations of repeated training sessions. Efforts were made to outline and emphasise the factual basis for essential nutrition, training, and performance. A distinction was made between the relatively short pool events and those endurance events in open water. In addition, the discussion touched on the need for dietary supplements and their impact on peak performance.

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