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XIIth International Symposium on Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming

Dubious use or misuse of scientific information in commerce and policy making


29 Apr 2014


Prof. Jan Pieter Clarys


Professor Jan Pieter Clarys began his career as a researcher for the Belgian National fund for Scientific Research in 1969. His most recent appoints were head of the anatomy department (190-2012) and dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy (1996–2004) at the Vrijr Univeriteit Brusse. From October 2004 until 2012 he was pro-dean. Jan Pieter became Emeritus Professor in October 2012 but is still involved in research programs. He is part president of the World Commission of Sports Sciences and has presented more than 200 keynotes or invited lectures at international conferences. He’s been directly involved in the organisation of 26 sports science conferences around the world. He’s an editorial board member of The Journal of Electomyography and Kinesiology; The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness and the International Journal of Training and Coaching.


Regardless the known active drag (Da) front crawl differences and similarities between the Marine Test Station (Brussels) data, the Swimming Flume Stockholm findings and the Measuring Active Drag (MAD) Amsterdam system values (Clarys 1985, Holmer and Haglund 1978, Toussaint et al 2004), these approaches have some issues in common. They confirm the difference between passive Drag (Dp) of the gliding part and Da of the movement part without surpassing the boundaries of the fundamental hydrodynamic law of similitude for both propulsion and resistance as a function of speed, including Laminar and turbulent flow.

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