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1984 AIS Athletics Program

Support staff
  • Kelvin Giles (Head Coach)
  • Tony Rice (Head Coach- replaced Kelvin Giles)
  • Merv Kemp
  • Gary Knoke (died 9 July 1984)
  • Pat Clohessy
  • Craig Hilliard
  • Norm Osborne
  • Peter Beames
  • Gary Briggs
  • Garry Brown
  • Vanessa Browne (Ward)
  • John Caliguri
  • Michael Carroll
  • Sarah Collins
  • Robert  de Castella
  • Nicholas de Castella
  • Matthew Favier
  • John Fleming
  • David Forbes
  • Paul Gilbert
  • Sue Howland
  • Patrick Kaine
  • Gerrard Keating
  • Robyne Lorraway (Strong)
  • Jennifer Laurendet (Low)
  • Ken Lorraway
  • Paul Nandapi
  • Paul Narracott
  • Phil Nettle
  • Jeffrey Parker
  • Carolyn Schuwolow
  • David Smith
  • Phil Spivey
  • Don Wright
1984 team photo
1984 team photo

Major international selections and medal performances

Olympic Games - Los Angeles, USA (3-12 August)
  • Robert de Castella
  • Ken Lorraway
  • Paul Narracott
  • Pat Scammell
  • David Smith
  • Don Wright
  • Vanessa Browne
  • Robyn Lorraway (nee Strong)
  • Pat Clohessy
World Cross Country Championships - New York, USA (25 March)
  • Robert de Castella

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