Clearinghouse for Sport information services and/or resources


If you’re unable to presently access some Clearinghouse for Sport information services and/or resources, this is most likely due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • the information you’re seeking is in development and is scheduled for release at a later date. Please note Clearinghouse members can access much of this information in draft form. If you’re not already a member? Learn more and join now!
  • some of the information and/or links to resources within this topic are subject to legal provisions such as copyright, including the content owner’s licensing terms and conditions. Hence, access is restricted to approved Clearinghouse members and groups
  • it may not be in the public interest to make this information available at this time due to commercial in-confidence and/or competitive advantage reasons. Information of this nature usually falls within the high performance sport and/or scientific research domain where premature disclosure may jeopardise Australia’s competitive advantage in international sport.

Please contact us if you are experiencing any difficulty accessing the Clearinghouse information resources that you require.