Modified Sports

Modified Sports   
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Modified sports programs for children are designed to provide an introduction to the sports they represent. They allow novice participants, particularly young children, to experience a sporting environment that is interesting and fun. Modified sports also provide an opportunity to develop general movement skills and basic techniques. Modified equipment, facilities, and rules are commonly used because of the developmental stage (age, physical size, motor skill proficiency) of participants.

Traditional forms of a sport are also 'modified' (sometimes creating a new sport, sometimes creating a variation of the original) to cater to the needs of participants, at any age. Many adults are 'time poor', so the modifications made to a sport allow participants to enjoy their experience, without a substantial time commitment. Modified sports may also reduce the cost of equipment and venue access.    

Key Messages 


Modified sports for children are intended to provide an attractive 'entry level' activity to a more traditional form of the sport.


Modified sports may take into account the developmental (physical, cognitive, and social) level and attributes of participants.


Modified sports may be designed to shorten or simplify the traditional format of competition, or enhance spectator appeal.

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