Social Media and Sport

Social Media and Sport        
Prepared by  Prepared by: Chris Hume and Christine May, Senior Research Consultants, Clearinghouse for Sport, Sport Australia
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Social media (including platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) have altered the relationship between consumers and service providers; harnessing peoples’ desire to belong, and linking communities and networks of interest across the world. It has changed, and continues to strongly influence, the way in which millions of people (including ‘fans’) engage with sport.

Social media can have both positive and negative impacts on sporting organisations. Awareness is key to recognising and exploiting new opportunities, maintaining relevance in a new social media order, and avoiding common traps and costly mistakes.  

Key Messages 


Social media platforms—such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube—are being used by sporting organisations to reach new markets, develop broader and larger fan bases, and potentially engage with more people than traditional forms of marketing and advertising.


Sport and its participants need to understand both the potential positive and negative impacts of social media usage in order to seize opportunities and mitigate risks.


Sporting organisations should develop and maintain strategies and policies to specifically manage the use of social media platforms.

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