Australian Sporting Organisations

Australian Sporting Organisations     
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Sport Australia


Sport Australia (formerly the Australian Sports Commission) has a long-established definition and criteria for recognising which activities are defined as sports and which sporting bodies are recognised as National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and National Sporting Organisations for people with a Disability (NSOD).

Sport Australia defines ‘Sport’ as:

A human activity capable of achieving a result requiring physical exertion and/or physical skill which, by its nature and organisation, is competitive and is generally accepted as being a sport.

More information regarding Sport Australia recognition and eligibility can be found on the website.


Recognised National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and National Sporting Organisations for people with a Disability (NSOD) 

Information includes: annual reports, results, high performance programs, major documents and research activities. 

NSO and NSOD Sport Funding
 Air Sport Australia Confederation Air Sport  Unfunded
 Archery Australia Archery Funded
 Athletics Australia Athletics Funded
 Sport Inclusion Australia  AUSRAPID  Funded
 Australian Football League Australian Football Funded
 Paralympics Australia

 Paralympics Australia 


 Badminton Australia 

 Badminton Funded
 Baseball Australia Baseball Funded
 Basketball Australia Basketball Funded
 Australian Billiards and Snooker Council Billiards and Snooker Unfunded
 Blind Sports Australia Blind Sports Funded
 Bicycle Motocross Australia (BMX) BMX Funded
 Bocce Federation Australia Bocce Funded
 Boccia Australia Boccia Unfunded
 Bowls Australia Bowls Funded
 Boxing Australia Boxing Funded
 Australian Calisthenics Federation Calisthenics Unfunded
 National Camp Draft Council of Australia Campdraft Unfunded
 Australian Canoeing Canoe/Kayak Funded
 Cricket Australia Cricket Funded
 Croquet Australia Croquet Unfunded
 Australian Curling Federation Curling  Unfunded
 Cycling Australia Cycling Funded
 Dancesport Australia Dancesport Unfunded
 Darts Australia Darts Unfunded
 Deaf Sports Australia  Deaf Sports Funded
 Disability Sport Australia  Disability Sports Funded
 Disabled Wintersport Australia   Disabled Winter Sport  Funded
 Diving Australia Diving Funded
 Australian Dragon Boat Federation Dragon Boat Unfunded
 Australian Eightball Federation Eight-Ball Unfunded
 Equestrian Australia Equestrian Funded
 Australian Fencing Federation  Fencing Funded
 Australian Floorball Association Floorball Unfunded
 Australian Flying Disc Association Flying Disc Unfunded
 Football Federation Australia Football (Soccer) Funded
 Gaelic Football / Hurling Association Australia Gaelic Football / Hurling Unfunded
 Golf Australia Golf Funded
 Gridiron Australia Limited Gridiron Unfunded
 Gymnastics Australia Gymnastics Funded
 Handball Australia  Handball Unfunded
 Hockey Australia Hockey Funded
 Ice Hockey Australia Ice Hockey Unfunded
 Australian Ice Racing Ice RacingFunded
 Ice Skating Australia Ice SkatingUnfunded

 Judo Australia



 Australian Jujitsu

 Australian Karate Federation  KarateFunded

 Australian Kendo Renmei

 Kung Fu (Wushu) Australia   Kung Fu (Wushu)  Unfunded
 Australian Lacrosse Association LacrosseFunded
 Modern Pentathlon Australia Modern PentathlonFunded
 Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Motor Sport Funded
 Motorcycling Australia MotorcyclingFunded
 Muaythai Australia Muaythai Unfunded
 Netball Australia NetballFunded
 Orienteering Australia OrienteeringFunded
 Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association  Outrigger CanoeUnfunded
 Petanque Australia PetanqueUnfunded
 Australian Polo Federation PoloUnfunded
 Polocrosse Australia PolocrosseFunded
 Pony Club Australia Pony ClubFunded
 Powerlifting Australia PowerliftingUnfunded
 Riding for the Disabled Association Australia  Riding for the DisabledFunded
 Rowing Australia RowingFunded
 Australian Rugby League Commission Rugby LeagueFunded
 Australian Rugby Union Rugby UnionFunded
 Australian Sailing Sailing Funded
 Shooting Australia ShootingFunded
 Skate Australia Skate Unfunded
 Ski & Snowboard Australia  Ski and Snowboard Funded
 Softball Australia SoftballFunded
 Special Olympics Australia   Special OlympicsFunded
 Sports Climbing Australia Sport Climbing Unfunded
 Squash Australia SquashFunded
 Surf Life Saving Australia Surf LifesavingFunded
 Surfing Australia SurfingFunded
 Swimming Australia SwimmingFunded
 Synchronized Swimming Australia Synchronized SwimmingUnfunded
 Table Tennis Australia Table TennisFunded
 Australian Taekwondo  TaekwondoFunded
 Tennis Australia TennisFunded
 Tenpin Bowling Australia Tenpin BowlingFunded
 Touch Football Australia TouchFunded
 Transplant Australia    TransplantFunded
 Triathlon Australia TriathlonFunded
 Australian Underwater Sports Federation Underwater SportsUnfunded
 Australian University Sport University SportFunded
 Volleyball Australia VolleyballFunded
 Water Polo Australia Water PoloFunded
 Waterski & Wakeboard Australia Waterski & WakeboardFunded
 Australian Weightlifting Federation WeightliftingFunded
 Olympic Winter Institute of Australia (OWIA) Winter Sports (OWI)Funded
 Australian Wrestling Union WrestlingFunded


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