Sports Performance Analysis

Sports Performance Analysis
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Performance analysis seeks to explore how the innovative application of technology may help performance. Practitioners aim to provide systematic and objective feedback to athletes and coaches in order to understand, accelerate and develop performance, including optimising existing techniques and learning new skills. It may also be used to analyse competitors for strengths and weaknesses.

The main components of performance analysis include tactical and technical evaluation, analysis of movement and statistical compilation. These components are often facilitated by the use of technology including computer software and video technology. 

Integration into the daily training environment is sport-dependent and individualised for the needs of coaches and athletes. The implementation of a performance analysis system is seen in the daily training environment via technologies (i.e. video feedback systems); in the expanded skill-set of coaching staff (i.e. coaches using software to analyse performance); through the provision of human resources (staff recording performance data); or in a combination of these types of services.


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