Olympic Games

Olympic Games
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The Olympic Games are the largest sporting celebration in the world; held every four years with thousands of athletes from nations around the world participating.

The first modern Summer Olympic Games were held in Athens (Greece) in 1896. Australia has competed at every games and hosted two Summer Games: 1956 Melbourne and 2000 Sydney. The first Winter Olympic Games were held in 1924 in Chamonix (France). Australia first competed in a Winter Games at Garmish (Germany) in 1936 and has competed at every games since 1952.

Australia's commitment to continuing Olympic success is a key part of the Australia's Winning Edge - High Performance Strategy. The strategy sets a goal for Australia to be top 5 at the Summer Olympic Games and top 15 at the Winter Olympic Games.

Olympic Day is celebrated annually on June 23. Since its inception in 1948 it has developed into an opportunity for National Olympic Committees to organize inclusive events, such as sports days, exhibitions, concerts, and school based educational activities, based around the three pillars of “move”, “learn” and “discover”. It was on June 23 in 1894 that the International Olympic Committee was formed as a result of Pierre de Coubertin's work.

This portfolio provides access to links and information relating to the Olympic Games including results, history and general resources.

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