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Persons with Disability and Sport

Legislation, programs and resources

A number of resources have been produced to educate the public about the need for programs meeting the needs of persons with disability and to assist practitioners with the delivery of these programs.


Two key pieces of legislation provide an underpinning for government policies affecting people with a disability.  The Disability Services Act 1986 and then the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 provide a legal framework.

Australian Human Rights Commission

Australian Human Rights Commission can assist organisations with the development of a Disability Discrimination Act action plan.

Action Plans are made available on an online register. This allows organisations to cross reference other organisations' work and experience. It also enables people with disabilities to see what an organisation has committed itself to achieving.

A number of National Sporting Organisations have submitted their action plan to the register.

Australian Sports Commission

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC), has produced an inclusive sport toolkit.

A section of this toolkit focuses on accessibility with the following resources:

The ASC has also developed the Sports Ability activity cards. Which are designed for all levels of ability and to develop children's skills, confidence and motivation for sports-based activities.

The cards outline what is required to plan and execute the activities, as well as information on ways to modify elements of each activity to ensure that every child is able to participate. Through the adaption and modification of game rules, equipment and techniques, the cards provide fun and enjoyable opportunities for everyone to participate and achieve success.

Previous programs

  • Aussie Sports program. Launched in 1986, the program included resources for primary school teachers to assist them in delivering physical education and sport programs for children with disability. More information about the legacy of the Aussie Sport program can be found in the Clearinghouse for Sport Aussie Sports topic.
  • Willing and Able. Launched in 1995 the ‘Willing and Able’ program was designed to provide training for sport providers and included a comprehensive set of resource materials.

States and Territories


Sport Access Foundation. The Foundation raises money, which is distributed in the form of grants to children with disability, so they can participate in sporting activities.

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