Clearinghouse for Sport FAQs

A 'clearinghouse' (or 'information clearinghouse') is a function of a leading agency (or network of leading agencies) associated with research and information evaluation. The clearinghouse function is supported by a portfolio of coordinated information related services and outreach activities which enable knowledge exchange and informed decision making by its users.

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The Clearinghouse for Sport (Clearinghouse) collects and disseminates relevant information in a specific field of sport and makes that information available to people and groups working in that field, or makes the same information available to interested stakeholders working across other associated fields.

As a central access point for the Australian sport sector, the Clearinghouse serves the needs of users of a specific body of knowledge, and provides information in an audience appropriate manner to support the transfer and development of knowledge.

The Clearinghouse works to:

  • Identify and acquire information of relevance to the Australian sport sector;
  • Connect people in sport with complementary expertise;
  • Inform sports practitioners (such as athletes, coaches, physical educators, scientists, researchers, administrators, volunteers, and sporting officials) about good and promising practice in sport;
  • Provide Australian governments at all levels with comprehensive and policy relevant analysis of research relating to sport, and the value of sport to the Australian community; and,
  • Provide the Australian community with high quality information on sport and physical activity.

See the About page for more information. 

The Clearinghouse is open to all who wish to register as members. Members can log in at any time by selecting Login from the top right hand side of your computer monitor monitor or device screen. 

Access to some Clearinghouse services and resources may be limited to certain member groups due to licensing arrangements with commercial publishers. Access to content may also be restricted in instances where content owners are required to comply with copyright, privacy, and/or commercial in-confidence obligations.

If you would like to learn more about what Clearinghouse services and resources you can access, please see the Client Service Model or contact us.

Clearinghouse members have access to a range of online services and licensed information resources, including:

  • Knowledge base topics relevant to the sport sector 
  • Full text electronic journals and research databases 
  • Digital media including videos and images 
  • Sports publications archive 
  • Research profiles and library references services
  • Secure member information sharing networks

See the About page for more information, or Become a Member today.

Join the Clearinghouse for Sport by completing the Clearinghouse for Sport Membership Registration Form, acknowledging that you agree to all conditions and terms regarding access to the Clearinghouse for Sport.

The Clearinghouse contains a number of ‘knowledge networks’ that bring together key stakeholders to facilitate the process of information collection, exchange, and analysis by supporting a collaborative environment. Networks are secure, portals within the Clearinghouse where information can be viewed, added to, and commented on.

Clearinghouse members can connect with subject matter experts through the Experts Directory. Clearinghouse Experts are individuals who have been identified as specialists in a certain field of knowledge or expertise.

Members are invited to join the Clearinghouse for Sport LinkedIn group and can follow us on Twitter.

We are continually adding new content and developing existing resources. 'Under Construction' alerts are placed on webpages alerting members to these activities. 

It is important to note that all Clearinghouse members can play a role in contributing and/or producing content within the website. 

Members can contribute news, resources, and good practice (or "how to") information by using the General Enquiry form under the Library - Request for Information menu.

If you would like to nominate as a Clearinghouse Expert, please contact us via the General Enquiry form to advise your area of expertise.

Items are posted into the Clearinghouse to provide information, background, clarity, and an evidence base for topics relevant to the sports sector. User contributions, feedback, research and literature searches will expand the data set. Clearinghouse members and key experts will then review and evaluate this information to determine ‘best practice’ or ‘promising practice’, points of fact or contention, through a collaborative process otherwise known as 'assessment by network'.