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How to submit an event?

  1. Organisations are responsible for adding vacancies.
  2. Check that the event you are submitting is not yet listed on the Event page.
  3. Please provide details of the event title, type of event, sport, location, country and a link to where more information can be found.
  4. Events will be added to the list after you submit the form. Clearinghouse staff will monitor all submissions.
  5. Events will automatically expire after the nominated end date.
  6. If you have any questions or difficulties using this form, please contact for assistance.

Submission criteria

  • The primary focus is events relevant to the Australian sport sector including: Australian national championships; major multi-sport events (e.g. Olympic and Paralympic Games, Masters Games); major international competitions (e.g. world championships, world cups); Australian award ceremonies, conferences, workshops, seminars; significant international conferences.
  • From Australian Sports Commission recognised sports and/or organisations (i.e. national/state sporting organisations, state institutes/academies of sport, state departments of sport & recreation, national/state peak bodies, sporting clubs, other relevant national/state/local government bodies). Some exemptions apply, please contact if you have any questions about international events.

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