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SportAUS Connect - connecting you to the Clearinghouse for Sport

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We are inviting our Clearinghouse for Sport (Clearinghouse) members to try something new!

Very soon you will have the option to bring your own digital identity (that is, your user ID and password) to access the Clearinghouse website.

What is SportAUS Connect?

Our vision for SportAUS Connect is to create a more digitally connected Australian sport sector.

SportAUS Connect has been designed and developed by Sport Australia in response to a clear gap in our sector’s crowded and fragmented digital marketplace.

This disconnectedness makes it difficult for many users (customers, sports participants and administrators) to interact online with Australian sporting organisations, clubs and other digital service providers.

SportAUS Connect is currently being implemented by a number of national sporting organisations, along with other leading digital services such as the Clearinghouse.

As subscription grows, users will increasingly be able to use their SportAUS Connect digital identity to better navigate and access our sector’s digital services and resources. SportAUS Connect is your digital passport to Australian sport.

Why use SportAUS Connect?

Improved flexibility and security
To give our members greater control over their digital identities and personal data. You can bring your own trusted digital identity to log into the Clearinghouse for Sport website. That’s one less username and password to remember.
Improved user experience
To enable users to have multiple interactions with multiple digital service providers across the sport sector using a single and trusted digital identity.

Your digital passport to Australian sport.

How SportAUS Connect works with the Clearinghouse

A simple explanation. You will soon have the option to use your Google or Microsoft Office365 digital identity (user ID and password) to access the Clearinghouse. Alternatively, if you’re employed or engaged by an Australian sporting organisation or government sport and recreation agency (including the National Institutes Network), you may be able to use your agency’s username and password.

A little more technical. This process is called identity brokering, where SportAUS Connect is brokering with one of your preferred and trusted digital identity providers so it can be used as an acceptable authentication mechanism to access the Clearinghouse.

The process is secure and we do not see your identity credentials. Your trusted identity provider sends a digital security token to SportAUS Connect, which is then used to validate your access to the Clearinghouse website.

Government or sport agency



More information

Please contact us if you have further questions or visit the SportAUS Connect website.

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