Promote the Clearinghouse

Promote the Clearinghouse


Help promote the Clearinghouse for Sport (Clearinghouse) through social media or by embedding our web link ( on your sports club or sports organisations' website. Local government organisations are also welcome to use this material to promote the Clearinghouse. 

Clearinghouse representatives are located in all Australian capital cities and are members of the Australasian Sport Information Network (AUSPIN).
Please contact us should you wish to discuss other potential promotion and support options for your sports organisation or club.

What is it?

The Clearinghouse for Sport (Clearinghouse) connects Australian sports people to a world of ideas, experiences and knowledge. Led by the Australian Sports Commission, the Clearinghouse for Sport is an Australian sport sector information and knowledge sharing initiative.

Who is it for?

A service for and of Australian sport. We are working alongside our key sport sector partners who share leading roles in the sport information services space. We are working together to improve the quality and accessibility of sports information presently available to the Australian sports community.

Why is it important?

It's a valuable resource. Quality assured Information and knowledge is a highly strategic Australian sport sector resource. Access to it enhances our awareness of key issues, helps us identify opportunities, and informs decisions in all areas and at all levels of sport.

Where do I find it?

A ‘go-to place’ for your sport information needs. The Clearinghouse for Sport website brings research, expertise and evidence from leaders in the field of sport and physical activity together in one place. It's a one stop portal for your information needs.

Why should I get involved?

Australian sport stands at the threshold of the knowledge age. An era in which the sharing of ideas and ‘know-how’ will be the source of innovation, productivity, and competitive advantage. Join now!  

Development & Implementation of the Clearinghouse for Sport

The Clearinghouse for Sport (Clearinghouse) has been implemented over a number of years between 2011 and 2014. The Clearinghouse will continue to expand its services where relevant to progressively include new audiences and a range of priority information resources. It is important to note that all Clearinghouse members can play a role in contributing and/or producing content within the website. 

Membership Availability 

The Clearinghouse for Sport is open to all who wish to register and join this growing online knowledge sharing community.
Registration is available online via the Become a Member page.


Clearinghouse for Sport members can access a range of online services and resources including:

  • Our very popular daily sports news service
  • Knowledge base topics relevant to the sport sector
  • Full text electronic journals and research databases
  • Digital media including videos and images
  • Sports publications archive
  • Research profiles and library references services
  • Secure member information sharing networks





When referring to the Clearinghouse for Sport initiative
  • Clearinghouse for Sport
  • Clearing House

Common definition, supports branding and web search-ability

  • Clearinghouse
  • ASC's Clearinghouse
  • NSIC's Clearinghouse 
The Clearinghouse for Sport, represents a significant knowledge management and knowledge sharing effort by a number of key Australian sport sector partners. 
When referring to the Clearinghouse for Sport website
  • Clearinghouse for Sport website
  • Clearinghouse website (or secure website)
  • Clearinghouse for Sport
  • ASC's website
At times it will be important to make a distinction between the Clearinghouse website and the overall initiative.  We don’t want our members to think the Clearinghouse is simply a website.
When referencing the Clearinghouse for Sport on Twitter
  • @C4S_au
  • @Clearinghouse4Sport
The Clearinghouse for Sport Twitter account is @C4S_au and named Clearinghouse4Sport
When referring to 'members' of the Clearinghouse for Sport website
  • Clearinghouse for Sport members
  • Clearinghouse members 
  • Clearinghouse users, customers, clients
The use of 'user' implies the Clearinghouse is simply for consumption, when in fact it is also seeking input and contributions from all of its 'members'. We want to promote the value of information and knowledge sharing and foster a community of practice.

Below you can download either jpg or png files of the Clearinghouse logo options for neutral backgrounds, as well as for black and white applications, and reverse (all white, which may look blank but are not).

How to download


  • right click on the link for the appropriate file
  • choose 'Save target as...'
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  • choose 'Save file' to save it onto your computer


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