Sport for development in the Pacific

Sport for development in the Pacific

Presenter: Allison Simons, Assistant Director, International Sport for Development, Australian Sports Commission

This is a PDF document ASOP Research Presentation Nov 2013 (PDF - 2.2 MB)


Part 1 - Sustained Healthy Behaviours

The Australian Sports Commission's Dr Allison Simons presented the findings of the first wave of research conducted in three Pacific Island countries Tonga, Nauru and Vanuatu. Part 1 demonstrates how the ASOP Pacific Country Programs are contributing to healthier communities in the Pacific. 

Part 2 - Improved Social Inclusion

Allison presents the research relating to improved social inclusion and more cohesive communities. 


Many claims have been made about the power of sport to contribute to a wide range of social outcomes, but these claims often lack the support of sound evidence. In order to address the vacuum created by a lack of systematic and long-term studies, the ASC has embarked on a three year independent research project of the Australian Sports Outreach Country Program in the Pacific.

It demonstrated how the ASOP Pacific Country Programs are contributing to healthier, more inclusive and more cohesive communities in the Pacific.

In the context of tight donor budgets and an increasing demand for aid effectiveness, the evidence presented here will provide policy-makers with information required to make evidence-based decisions about sport as a development approach.